I almost died

SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT 😬 I slam on the brakes. The back wheel starts to slide. Everything goes slo-mo as I roll towards the station wagon in the middle of the road 🚗 Closer. Then closer. Then CLOSER… I start noticing small details on the car. Rust on the car door. Dust on the mud flaps. A dent in … Continue reading

How to relax your adrenals

I made a new Rage for Rageheart today. How to relax your adrenals 🤯 That is… How to work directly with your stress organs. See, your adrenals are sort of like the engine of your stress response. When it’s time to fight or run away or hell, send some emails to a potential client, your … Continue reading

When death stares you in the face

SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!?!???!!!!! I slammed on the brakes and felt the back wheel begin to slide as my body braced for impact. This was NOT good 😑 I was in Thailand, racing down the highway on an orange Kawasaki Z800, on my way back from Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. Everything was good… until it … Continue reading