Sector C of The Milky Way

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I’m writing to you from that great lump of mostly-water-covered-rock that’s currently floating in Sector C of The Milky Way.

Sector C of The Milky Way

Actually, I have no idea if our humble planet is currently in Sector C.

In fact, I have no idea if “Sector C” even exists because I literally just made it up.

It’s one of those days 🤷‍♂️

You know what else is made up?

Our words.

Our stories.

All the thoughts we have about literally everything.

A thought is never true.


For example, how could the word “rock” ever actually encompass all that a rock actually is?

A rock has weight and texture and size.

You can build a house with a rock…

…or bludgeon someone’s face in with it.

And yet, we think a “rock” is just a “rock”.

Do you see what I mean?

Words NEVER encapsulate the direct experience of anything. They’re just arbitrary sounds. Symbols of a thing – NEVER the thing itself.

“Pizza” will never be the same as the direct experience of eating pizza.

Nor will “sex” or “orgasm” ever describe the vast array of feelings we feel when we’re getting boned.

This is why the Western approach of “mental health” so often fails:

Because it arrogantly assumes that mental health is, in fact, “mental”.

But what if it’s not?

If you need evidence of the fact that “mental health” is not actually “mental”, just look at how many people meditate, journal, make lists of what they’re grateful for or talk to therapists about their problems.

How many of them are genuinely, truly, deeply happy?

And how many of them are still stuck?

Hey, maybe they’re less stuck than they were before… but they’re STILL stuck, aren’t they?

That’s why I love Love LOVE the nervous system approach to self-development.

Instead of working at the level of the mind – at the level of thoughts, stories, words and blah blah blahs – you work at the level of the body.

In other words…

Instead of thinking, you learn to feel.

It’s a small, seemingly trivial difference… but when it comes to the world of “mental health”, getting out of your fucking head is the answer everyone’s looking for (even if they don’t know it).

The question is…

HOW do you do it?

Plenty of people say “get out of your head” but they don’t tell you how.

That’s where Rageheart’s 120,301 rages come in.

You get specific tools and techniques for getting out of your head and into your body. Out of thinking and into feeling.

To use some fancy-schmancy technical terms…

Out of sympathetic activation (fight/flight/freeze) and into parasympathetic (rest and digest / social engagement).

THIS is where the magic happens.

THIS is how you unleash the beast inside you.

THIS is how you remember who you are.

It’s what we do every single damn day inside Rageheart.

If you want it for yourself, all you gotta do is sign up next time it opens (since it’s currently CLOSED).


If you’re already a member and feeling the impulse (Rage 9), simply hit the “Sign In” link and get raging:


Alright, that’s it for today.

Time for my Spanish lesson.


John Wood

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