This page is for people and products I have personally used and recommend.

Felix and Safa at Body Of Prana

In a world of charlatans, Felix and Safa are the real deal.

I met them in 2020 when I realised I’d been manipulated and abused by a couple of life coaches I’d hired. They got on the phone with me and helped me figure it out.

I remember feeling so impressed.

They came across as absolute professionals and made a huge positive difference in one short phone call.

All of a sudden, everything became clear. I started to see through the manipulation and abuse of the other life coaches I’d hired.

That led to some huge life changes. I fired the life coaches, ended a 4 year relationship with a woman I was in love with (at the time) and moved halfway across the world.

2 years later, I moved to Peru and did an ayahuasca retreat with them.

That retreat only cemented them in my mind as professionals and all-round fantastic people.

They’re great people – even outside the medicine space.

Kind, open-hearted and generous with their time.

Great fun to be around (Felix tells the best stories on retreat).

Insightful and wise.

And now, they’re the only people I’ll drink ayahuasca with.

They’re very good at what they do and I also know I can trust them to do the right thing (a rare thing in the plant medicine world).

Anyway, if you want to drink ayahuasca or if you need some energy work done, check them out. You won’t regret it.

Learn more and get in touch with them here.

Chase Moore

I met Chase when I came to Peru in 2021.

He’s a black belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and serves Wachuma (San Pedro) on the weekends.

I can recommend him for both… though what’s most relevant to Rageheart are his Wachuma ceremonies.

If you want to see how the tools and techniques inside Rageheart play with plant medicine, a great place to start is with Wachuma.

And a great place to drink Wachuma is with Chase in the Sacred Valley of Peru (around the corner from Felix and Safa).

He’s a solid dude. Grounded and practical.

Doesn’t get caught up in all the spiritual mumbo-jumbo that so many fall for…

…and yet has a deep and powerful connection to the medicine…

…as well as how to use it for deep and profound healing, insights and breakthroughs.

If you feel like making the trek to the Sacred Valley in Peru, definitely pay Chase a visit.

Learn more and get in touch with Chase here.