Psychedelics and nervous system regulation

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

When I first started using the nervous system tools for myself, I wasn’t doing it with psychedelics 🍄

The nervous system tools are great – some of the most powerful tools for personal change I’ve ever found – and you don’t need to take mushrooms or ayahuasca to experience some of the amazing benefits I talk about.

However, maybe 3 months after I started working directly with my nervous system, I drank ayahuasca at home (sidenote: drinking aya on your own is not for beginners).

I remember having a “holy shit” moment in the guest bedroom at my Dad’s place in Australia that night 🤯

You know what I’m talking about, right?

It was a “holy shit WTF was that” moment.

A good one too… not a scary/bad one.

I remember exactly what it was.

I was lying in the bed in that room and I started to make sounds the way I teach in Rage 39 and 41 inside Rageheart – except instead of it feeling how it normally felt, it felt completely different and far more intense.

Outside the ayahuasca space, the sound is cool but it’s honestly not that cool (certainly not “holy shit WTF was that” cool).

But thanks to the ayahuasca I’d had at the time, I was wayyyy more sensitive to how everything affected me.

I remember being able to feel that sound vibrate all through my body 📢

I could direct it too.

For example, if I focused on my stomach and then made the sound, it’s like the sound would go straight into my stomach.

More than that though, the sound could break up tension… so if my stomach was tense or I had butterflies, sending the sound into that space would open it up and help things relax.

It was unreal.

Trippy af… and also incredibly healing / soothing.

So while I don’t mention psychedelics on the homepage, the sales page for the course or even in the course itself, all the techniques in Rageheart work beautifully with psychedelics like Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Magic Mushrooms.

Think smoother journeys, bigger insights and faster, easier integration 🎉

If you want better tools for navigating and integrating your psychedelic journeys (or you just want to prepare yourself for a future ceremony or journey), you know what to do:



John Wood

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P.P.S. The standard legal disclaimer applies… if you’re going to do psychedelics, be safe and make sure it’s legal wherever you do them.

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