Psychedelic Integration That Actually Works

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Daily Rage subscriber Rhiannon asks a question about psychedelic integration and Rageheart 🙋‍♀️

I have a question about Rageheart … in one of your recent podcast interviews you describe it as nervous system regulation for psychedelic integration. But then in your writing you don’t talk about that much, it seems more general. Do you have a special focus on psychedelic integration in Rageheart?

Psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, San Pedro and even LSD can lead to incredible, jaw-dropping, impossible-to-describe experiences that can easily wind up being the most significant and meaningful experiences of our entire lives.

You can feel more love than you’ve ever felt ❤️

…peace so deep that it feels like you no longer exist…

…and so much ecstatic joy in yourself that you realise in all your wandering and restless searching in life, in all your money-making and working out and chasing dreams since you were 14, you’ve only ever been searching for yourself.

You can connect with nature in such an intimate way that you become nature…

…or you might remember just how grateful you are for your friends, family and life as a whole (to the extent that you’re literally sobbing with gratitude).

Words will never do the psychedelic experience justice… but these are some examples from my own journeys.

The question is…

What about the psychedelic integration? How do you actually bring the insights and breakthroughs and realisations back into your day-to-day reality? How do you integrate and embody what you discovered? 🤔

How do you stop it from being just another cool experience and instead, something that genuinely, deeply and completely changes your life for the better?

Nature is a huge part of psychedelic integration.
Nature is a huge part of psychedelic integration.

For a long time, this was my challenge.

I’d take LSD or mushrooms in the jungle or go to an ayahuasca ceremony but while it usually felt quite life-changing at the time, integrating the various pieces into my day-to-day life never seemed to work that well.

It always felt like it was just out of reach.

It was there, floating around in the ether… I just couldn’t bring it down into my human body for some reason.

I tried though. Ohhhhh how I tried.

I remember at one stage waking up at 430am so I could meditate for 4 hours a day with my Muse meditation headset 🧘‍♂️

I’d grab a fluffy blanket because it was so cold and sit in the darkness, hoping that some of that psychedelic goodness would find its way into my day-to-day.

But it never really clicked.

It helped, sure… but it didn’t give me the psychedelic integration I was searching for.

The same went for just about everything else I tried.

Breath work.


Life coaching.

Talk therapy.

Self-help books (including psychedelic ones).

As I’ve said before, it felt like I was only scratching the surface.

I needed something more… effective.

Then I discovered the world of nervous system healing and its set of scientific embodiment tools 💪

I quickly realised that these were the psychedelic integration tools I’d been searching for.

For me at least, it turned out to be the key to integrating my various psychedelic experiences… the trick to bringing them down from the ether and into my day-to-day lived human experience.

And no wonder, right?

I mean, the nervous system tools are ALL about embodiment.

That is…

Being in your body.

Not in your mind.

So when it came to integrating my psychedelic experiences, the mind wasn’t much help because so many of the insights defied description. I couldn’t put them into words and so words didn’t help me “embody” them.

But the nervous system stuff did.

So to answer Rhiannon’s question from the beginning of this email…

While I don’t focus too closely on psychedelic integration training in Rageheart (or talk too much about it in these emails), all the tools are the exact same tools I use to integrate and embody my psychedelic experiences 🎉

I can’t say if it’ll do the same for you. It might… It might not.

But there’s only one way to find out…

Take the tools for a spin and see how they work for you.

You can do that here:


Disclaimer: This email is for informational purposes only. Psychedelics are illegal in most states and countries. Do your own research and make sure it’s safe and legal wherever you are before you decide to venture down the psychedelic rabbit hole.


John Wood

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