NOT for the easily offended 🙅‍♂️

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

First, a warning…

If you’re easily offended, DO NOT read this email (or listen to the podcast it refers to).

The topics it talks about… well, let’s just say that they’re a little risqué 😈

That means simply mentioning the topics in this email is liable to ruffle some feathers – so if your feathers ruffle easily, especially when it comes to sex and sexuality, delete this email now 🙅‍♂️

If not, by all means continue…

And now for some whitespace to protect the easily-offended from getting offended before they find the “DELETE” button…

And a little more…

Annnnnnd here’s a tiny bit more…

Now, about this podcast interview…

It’s my 2nd #BEASTMODE podcast with my sister Ellie (aka. Adyashatmypants) over at the Sex Money & Rage podcast.

The #BEASTMODE podcast is a monthly podcast where we answer listener questions, make jokes and talk about whatever happens to be on our minds that month, and with a title like Sex Money & Rage, the topics can be a little out there.

It’s not my podcast. It’s Ellie’s. I just show up once a month to shoot the shit.. and the rest of the time, she interviews other fantastic guests.

We DO talk about Rageheart on #BEASTMODE, the nervous system, psychedelics and unleashing the beast inside you…

…but we also talk about a lot of other things (like sex and money).

For example, on this month’s #BEASTMODE podcast, along with talk about how to work with your nervous system, we also cover…

  • How to overcome sexual shame and become more sexually curious 🍆
  • Why there is so much sexual stigma in society (and what to do about it) 😭
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with open-minded, sex-positive people 😍
  • Strange and unexpected sex toys (Prostate massage toys, alien dildos, cum-dispensing dildos, eggs that you can put inside yourself and “lay” as if you’re a chicken 😳)
  • The surprising benefits of crossdressing for men (for example, how it leads to understanding, empathy and respect for women) 💃
  • What is an ayahuasca diet and how does it help heal your pain? 🌱
  • Why most people externalise their pain instead of dealing with it 😡
  • How plants have souls (and how, when it comes to psychedelics, we don’t believe in the “it’s just chemistry” hypothesis) 🍄


  • Lots of ridiculous jokes and puns (they’re funny to us… but hey, maybe it’s just us 🤷‍♂️)


If any of that sounds interesting to you, check out our latest #BEASTMODE podcast here.


John Wood

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