No, My Parents Didn’t Give Me Drugs When I Was 7 Years Old

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The corner room of my childhood house.


7 years old.

Buried beneath a pile of blankets.

Hearing the wild party going on all around me.

The chinking of wine glasses.

Singing of songs.






…there was no party.

I was alone in my bedroom (and I knew it).

And yet…

…the party raged all around me.

No, my parents didn’t give me mushrooms or LSD.

I wasn’t some childhood saint, communicating with spirits from another dimension.

And I certainly wasn’t losing my mind.


I wasn’t sure about that last one at the time 🤣

Eventually, thanks to my Dad’s timely wisdom, I realized I was hallucinating due to a fever.

I remember being pretty freaked out at the time.

But my parents never gave me any medicine to kill the fever.

They believed it was healthier to let the fever burn itself out.

The fever was the body’s response to some kind of virus or bacteria.

It was basically trying to nuke the virus or bacteria… burning it to ash.

In other words…

The fever was a GOOD thing.

It was part of the body’s in-built, automatic defence system.

It’s a natural process.

Healthy (as long as it doesn’t get TOO hot).

And that’s why my parents didn’t give me any medicine.

They didn’t want to interrupt the natural healing process.

Well, the same goes for survival stress and all the different emotions we feel.

Fear, anger, shame, guilt, etc.

They’re just like a fever… only they feel a bit different (and sadly, you don’t usually get to hallucinate 😭).

They’re perfectly natural and healthy… and just like a fever, they’re meant to work their way through our system.

But what are we told to do when we’re stressed?

“Take a deep breath”


“Focus on what you’re grateful for”

Problem is, this is like taking a pill for a fever.

Sure, it might get rid of the uncomfortable feeling…

…but that doesn’t mean the energy behind the feeling actually leaves the body.

It’s more like a painkiller than a real solution.

Instead of interrupting the process, let it do whatever it wants to do.

That means letting the breath run free.

Don’t control it.

As much as possible, let it do whatever it wants.

Fast or slow.

Deep or shallow.

This will let the body bring up whatever emotions or feelings it wants to release.

And while it might be uncomfortable at the time, you’ll feel a whole lot better once it’s over.

Instead of holding all that emotion inside you, you’ll let it all go.

And if it ever actually gets truly overwhelming, THAT’S when it’s a good idea to take a deep breath.

This is pretty much what Rageheart is all about.

It’s a crash course in how to get out of the way and let your body heal itself.

How to stop controlling your breathing and your emotions and life so everything starts releasing.

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John Wood

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