John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Bored. Listless. Depressed. Anxious. Unhappy and unfulfilled. UNEXCITED. Apathetic. Fed up with life. IS THIS IT?!? Jaded. Cynical. Empty. Tuckered out. Joyless. Despondent. Disenchanted and disillusioned.

These are just some of the words that used to describe me.

Don’t get me wrong –

Rewind my life by 5 years and from the outside, it looked pretty damn good.

I had a successful online business. A gorgeous girlfriend. A lifestyle many would KILL for – living, working and traveling my way around the world (I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the time). Killer friends that supported me. Adventure by the truckload (getting lost on Doi Suthep with James and Vic was always a blast).

Thailand was greeeeeeeeeeeeen

And yet… I wasn’t happy.

Oh I had my happy moments, sure… but overall, I wasn’t happy.

Even worse was that I felt guilty about the fact that I wasn’t happy.

Like many people, I thought I SHOULD be happy (sidenote: that’s one word to purge from your vocabulary).

I thought I should be grateful for what I had since I clearly had so much.

So I tried gratitude. Lists, apps and gratitude journals.

I also tried meditation. I counted my breath, tracked the sensations around my nostrils and even did some trippy Joe Dispenza meditations where I almost passed out from breathing so much.

Breath work. Yoga. Talk therapy. Life coaching. 17 cups of coffee a day. Nootropics. Routines that made me desperate to cartwheel out of a 58th floor window screaming the lyrics to Mad World. Marijuana. Even psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms.

But while it all helped, it always felt like I was just scratching the surface. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Then I stumbled onto the world of nervous system healing after a timely conversation with my sister Adyashatmypants and that’s when everything changed.

For starters, I stopped feeling guilty for not feeling happy because I finally understood why I wasn’t happy:

Incomplete fight-or-flight responses from years and decades gone by.

More than that though, I finally had a way out. By understanding the problem (nervous system dysregulation), I understood the solution (regulate the nervous system).

That was January 2020 – almost 3 years ago.

These days, I wouldn’t use any of the words at the beginning of this email to describe myself anymore.

Instead, I’d use their opposites:

Excited. Fulfilled. On purpose. ALIVE. Motivated. Driven. Whole. Elated. At peace. Joyful. Carefree. Glad. Jolly (what a word 🤣).

And yes…


I’m not saying I’m like that all the time… but most of the time?

Absolutely 💪

And you know that?

It’s almost entirely due to the tools and techniques I teach people inside Rageheart.

So –

If you’re unhappy and unfulfilled and you want MORE from your life… if you want to eliminate boredom and apathy… if you want to find your purpose – not by thinking but by feeling – sign up to Rageheart while it’s open to new members.

Here’s the link to join:


Already a member and feeling the beastly impulse (Rage 9)? Hit the “Sign In” link on that page and get raging.



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