I’d Probably Jump Out of my skin or kill someone if…

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

10 years ago, I was a coffee fiend.

I remember sitting at Ristr8to coffee on the main street of Nimman in Chiang Mai, Thailand, smashing iced long blacks with my friend Rob while getting philosophical about life and the universe.

My *former* favourite coffee shop.

Even today, 10 years and half a world later, I still rate those coffees as some of the best I’ve ever had.

But while I used to smash coffee every day like it was going out of style, I can’t do it anymore.

I still drink it occasionally but NEVER a full shot – that would be torture.

I’d probably jump out of my skin or kill someone.

No, since getting into the nervous system work inside Rageheart, I just can’t do it like I used to.

Coffee and me don’t click no more.

That’s why I tell people that while some things will get easier after regulating your nervous system and clearing your “blocked pipes”, some things will get MUCH harder.

See –

The more connected we get to our body and nervous system, the harder (and costlier!) it is to override it.

That means…

If coffee doesn’t actually work well with your system, you’ll find it harder to ignore that fact.

In other words, the negative side effects will get worse and worse until you start listening to them.

It happens with everything…




Movies and entertainment.


If something isn’t good for you, you’ll know because your body will tell you.

And like I said, the better you get at tuning into your body (thanks to the nervous system work inside Rageheart), the louder that voice gets, and that means it’s harder (and costlier!) to ignore it.

It’s a wonderful thing in the long run because it makes you healthier, happier and stronger… but it can be a nightmare going through it when you realize you can’t eat that food or do that thing or hang out with that person anymore (unless you want to feel like shit).

This highlights just how disconnected we are from ourselves as a culture in the West.

Overriding our systems isn’t just accepted… it’s honored, respected and revered.

For example, think about the most successful person you know.

In a lot of cases, they got that way because they’re incredible at overriding their body’s natural impulse to stop and slow down.

It’s wildly unhealthy (and destructive) but because it leads to money, wealth and success, our culture respects these people.

Kinda takes away from the allure of it, doesn’t it?

I’m not saying that if you sign up to Rageheart, you can’t be successful.

It’s more that you’ll learn to do it without destroying your body and mind in the process… and that means you might move somewhat slower than our overriding friends.

Anyway, that’s it for today.

As you know, Rageheart is closed now for at least another month so I don’t have no link for you.

That is… unless you’re a Rager, in which case, hit the Sign In link and do another Rage (if you’re feeling the impulse – discussed in Rage 9):


John Wood

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