How To Use Feng Shui For Constipation

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I’m standing at my desk in Peru.. looking around my office.

It’s gorgeous.

White walls with exposed eucalyptus wood everywhere.

Shipibo “telas” on the wall (beautiful colourful mats some of the Peruvian “ayahuasca tribes” make).

A fountain in the corner.

Big windows that look straight into mountains and trees.

The room wasn’t always like this though.

When we first moved in, it had brown walls.

They weren’t too bad… but the carpet?

BRIGHT blue!

I’m not sure what the landlord was thinking…

Bright blue carpet with brown walls?

Ughhh 🤮

So what changed?

I got into Feng Shui.

I didn’t know much about Feng Shui until recently but it’s actually really cool.

I thought it was pseudoscience. Woo woo fluff. Hippie stuff.

But after exploring it, I’m not so sure anymore.

The basic idea is that your environment affects how you feel and as you know, how you feel affects how you live your life.


If your environment is cluttered, dirty, ugly and poorly organised, how are you going to feel?

And how will that affect your ability to live a beautiful life?

On the other hand, if your environment is beautiful, airy, clean, tidy and light, you’ll probably feel really good in it.

How will that affect your ability to live a beautiful life?

Makes sense to me 🤷

If you’re curious and want to try Feng Shui out for yourself, the first step is to get rid of your clutter.

All the shit that you don’t use or need anymore… get rid of it.

All the stuff that hides in boxes, drawers or hell, even out in the open… get rid of it.

The idea is…

If you’re trying to create something new and better in your life, you first have to make space for it.

But if clutter fills all the empty space in your house (and life), there’ll be no room for new (and much better) stuff.

This doesn’t just apply to physical objects in your house.

It applies to clutter on your to-do list.

Clutter in your relationships.

Clutter in your inbox.

And of course, clutter in your mind, body and nervous system.

You gotta clear it all out BEFORE you start bringing in new things.

When it comes to clearing the clutter in your mind and body, nothing beats working directly with your nervous system.

I’d tried for years to improve my life by bringing in new things – but it wasn’t until I started clearing the clutter in my nervous system that everything shifted.

All the old survival stress of years and decades gone by.

It blocks up the “pipes” of the nervous system and causes all kinds of havoc.

It’s just like being constipated… except instead of your ass being blocked, it’s your entire body and nervous system that’s blocked.

That means you’ll probably have some level of sympathetic AND high-tone parasympathetic on at the same time.

You’ll be in fight, flight and freeze all at once.

When it comes to your nervous system, this is kind of like having the brake and the accelerator on at the same time.

If you did it in a car, the car would probably shit itself 😐

The same thing happens with the nervous system.

If you’ve got the nervous system brake AND accelerator on at the same, here’s what you’ll experience:

  • lethargy
  • disconnection
  • low metabolism (and digestive problems)
  • less boldness and confidence
  • less tolerance for healthy risks
  • difficulty putting yourself out there
  • trouble forming healthy relationships
  • creativity, productivity, motivation and drive will take a hit
  • you’ll be more susceptible to chronic health conditions, whether physical, mental or emotional
  • low self-worth and low self-esteem

Nervous system constipation takes a huge toll on the nervous system (and human organism)…

…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s where Rageheart comes in.

Rageheart teaches you a step-by-step method for healing, decluttering and “deconstipating” (def not a real word 😏) your nervous system – the root of so many human problems.

And guess what?

It’s opening soon.

Next week to be exact.

Thursday the 20th.

So if you want to find out how to declutter and deconstipate your nervous system, stay close to your inbox.

Already a member? Maybe today’s a good time to do another Rage. You know what to do.

John Wood

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