How to think like a cat (or a tree)

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Do cats think?

Do trees worry?

Do mountains fret over whether they’re good enough to be a sausage entrepreneur or a mother of five or an Oscar-winning actor?

MmMmmmMmmMMmmm. Can you smell the subtle aroma of imposter syndrome as the mountain dreams of becoming a mother of five? 😰

You can learn a lot observing nature.

Just this morning, I watched one of our kittens Zeus as he ate his breakfast (trout paté, kibble and deliciously raw cow lung 🤤).

He ate and ate and ate… and then he simply walked away.

There were no apologies.

No justifications.

He didn’t turn to me and say…

I’m sorry John. This is delicious but I’m stuffed. Maybe I’ll eat more later.

Unlike most humans…

He simply walked away.

Zeus has no shame.

No imposter syndrome.

No sense of not being good enough.

No need to prove or explain himself.

No desire to protect my feelings.

He is himself – ALL the time.

If he stumbles while sprinting around the house, he gets up and keeps going.

He doesn’t feel sorry for himself.

He doesn’t wallow in self-pity.

He doesn’t feel the need to journal or talk to his therapist or cheer himself up with a gratitude list.

He just gets up and continues with his day.

Even if he’s upset with me, it doesn’t last.

Last week, we got both Zeus and Storm spayed (ie. desexed) 🤕

In the following few days, we had to force feed them medications and rub antiseptic cream on the stitches.

It was uncomfortable for both parties.

Neither cat liked being force fed medication or having antiseptic cream rubbed on a fresh wound… and I hated having to do something they didn’t like.

But afterwards?

They shook it off and either settled in for a cuddle or went off to play 🎉

There were no hard feelings.

No baggage.

No feeling sorry for themselves.

No blame.

Imagine if you could be the same 🤯

Less doubt, fear and imposter syndrome.

Less worry.

Better sleep and digestion.

Better (and more honest!) relationships.

More fulfilling work.

A far healthier and happier life.


You can do exactly that 💪

The trick is to reactivate long-lost animal instincts for managing stress and moving through the world – instincts that animals like Zeus and Storm have mastered.

In other words…

You have to rewild your nervous system.

Here’s how to do that:



John Wood

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