How to stop your mind in its tracks

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Oh mind.

How you like to think and fret and worry

How you love to plan and dream and imagine.

And oh how you love to be the focus of my attention

But here’s the thing:

It’s time for us to break up.

See, I finally know that I am not IN you.

You are in ME.

With love…


It’s a lovely idea… the idea that we are not our minds.

You’ve probably heard it before.

Maybe someone’s told you to stop overthinking everything or to get out of your head.

The problem is…

How the hell do you do it?

That’s where Rage 11 in Rageheart comes in.

You discover something called “multi-tasking awareness”.

In simple terms, it means focusing on 2 or more things at once.

Not 2 or more thoughts… 

2 or more sensations.

For example, in Rage 11, we start with feeling the ground (or chair) while also seeing what’s around us.

Then we feel the ground or chair, while seeing what’s around us, while also noticing our breath.

Try it now if you want.

See what it does for you.

For me, my mind vanishes. Instantly.

Or at the very least, there’s a real sense that I am outside my mind.

If it’s tricky at first, don’t worry. That’s normal. This is a muscle and it takes time to build and cultivate.

That’s what Rageheart is for.

Building the muscle of being IN the body instead of instead the mind.

Feeling instead of thinking.

The better we get at multi-tasking our awareness, the less our minds bother us. This happens without a daily meditation practice (or anything like it).


We’ve only scratched the surface of multi-tasking awareness in today’s Daily Rage. 

If you want to go deeper and master multi-tasking awareness for yourself, sign up to Rageheart when it opens up next week.

If you’re already a member and feeling the impulse (Rage 9), hit the sign in link and Rage your mind away today:



John Wood

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