How to read less and know more

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I used to read a lot of books.

Maybe one book a week even.

All non-fiction of course.

But now?

I almost never read non-fiction.

Or if I do, it’s like pulling nails.


Where before I devoured non-fiction books…

…now I devour fantasy (I’m currently on book 6 of the Wheel of Time and LOVING it 😍).

The reason for the change?

I honestly think it’s because I no longer need someone else to tell me what to do, who to be or where to go with my life.

Back when I devoured non-fiction, I was completely “shut down” in terms of my emotions and nervous system. Life was mostly mental. I didn’t have access to joy and purpose and passion and an internal sense of direction.

That’s why I used to read so much non-fiction. I needed someone else to give me a script or template for how life is meant to be lived.

But now, thanks to the work I’ve done reconnecting with my nervous system and body, deactivating the fight-or-flight response and essentially remembering who I am…

…I now have access to my internal compass and basically do whatever the hell I want to do without referring to someone else’s template, script or “7 step formula to success”.

Call it whatever you want.

Intuition. Instinct. Impulse.

Point is:

There is a whole world of wisdom inside of us – most people are just completely cut off from it because they’re always in their heads.

But get them into their bodies – feeling (and following) their impulse – and they realise what I did more than 3 years ago:

That in most cases, we don’t need some rando telling us what to do, who to be or where to go with our life.

We simply need to feel. The good, the bad and the ugly.

That’s the gift of nervous system regulation and unleashing the beast:

You discover the deep, profound wisdom that’s always been inside you.

Rageheart isn’t like a book that tells you what to do or who to be.

It’s more about burning away all the bullshit that has accumulated throughout life so the real you can finally start to break through – templates and formulas be damned.

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John Wood

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