How to actually relax

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Before I discovered the world of nervous system healing, I thought I knew what it meant to relax.

I’d watch Netflix or get some Pad Thai or go for a walk and sure, it was relaxing… but I don’t think I realised that this was “relaxation by distraction”.

In other words, I didn’t truly relax my nervous system…

…I simply distracted myself from the stress and activation.

I THOUGHT I was relaxed… but I didn’t feel relaxed because, quite simply, I didn’t feel much of anything.

Then I discovered the world of nervous system healing and learned how to feel my body.

That’s when I finally started to FEEL relaxed.

Relaxation wasn’t simply Netflix or a walk around the lake at Chiang Mai University.

My favorite place to walk in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Relaxation meant feeling safe. Safe enough that I didn’t have to scan for threats or worry about money or what so-and-so thought about me.

Relaxation also meant feeling the tension in the body dissolve. I started to feel myself “land” in my body. Instead of everything being concentrated around my head, my sense of myself spread through my entire body.

I felt muscles relax and tension release… in weird new ways that I’d never experienced before but absolutely LOVED 😍

It was as if my entire body was letting out a long, pleasurable sigh.

Better yet, I learned how to relax like this on demand.

I could use a few simple techniques and literally within seconds, I’d feel my entire body soften and relax.

And as the body relaxed, so did the mind.

It was unreal 😮

More than 3 years after I first discovered these tools, I still use them regularly throughout my day – so much so that they’ve become a part of me.

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John Wood

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