How I beat up the kid next door

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

My Dad likes to tell this story from when I was a kid…

At maybe 7 years old (I can’t remember it 🤷‍♂️), apparently I got into a fight with the next door neighbour’s kid 🥷

It was a BBQ at a family friends’ place.

The adults were all on the back deck eating snags, on the cans and having a good ol’ chin wag (#AussieSlang 🇦🇺).


The kids were in the backyard playing hide n’ seek tip. Every kid except one hides and then the last kid remaining (who doesn’t hide) has to find everyone and “tip” them by tapping them on the shoulder or foot or face.

It was all going smoothly until the next door neighbour’s kid started talking smack to us 😳

You suck.

LOL… you’re an idiot.

Hahahaha… you fell over because you don’t know how to walk.

You’re so ugly your Mum makes you look in the mirror for punishment 👵

It went on for a while until eventually, 7 year old me had had enough.

I climbed over the fence, found the loud-mouthed kid and taught him an important lesson with my fists.

I can’t remember anything of this little “adventure” but like I said, my Dad likes to whip this story out at family gatherings as an example of how wild I used to be – even at 7 years old.

However, I don’t think it’s that unusual to be honest.

Most kids are pretty wild.

But isn’t it interesting how we lose that uninhibited wildness on our journey to adulthood?

We’re so eager to fit into the roles other people have for us that we forget who we are and bit by bit, that wildness gets trained out of us.

Then we reach adulthood and wonder why we’re unhappy, unfulfilled and hate our life. Why we don’t feel alive. Why life seems totally meaningless 😢

It happened to me and if you’re living on planet earth, it probably happened to you too.

The question is…

How do you get that uninhibited wildness back?

How do you reclaim the freedom and joy you had as a kid before the BS of the world got to you – no matter what age you are now?

I’ll tell you what worked for me:

Regulating my nervous system.

Here’s how to do that:



John Wood

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