got any fear in your joints?

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

I was listening back to the Joint Magic rage inside Rageheart after I made it this morning.

Breathing into my wrist and elbow joints while staying connected to my body.

Simple enough.

And yet…

About halfway through, something sparked up in my stomach. FEAR 😱

I’m not sure what I noticed first.

The clenching in my stomach or the increase in my breathing rate… but either way, I knew it was time to pause the rage and sit with it.

That’s the key with Rageheart and your nervous system.

When something starts to move, STOP.

Pause the rage.

Then simply feel. Feel the activation. The raw sensation. The tingling in your stomach. The clenching in your gut. The way your eyes narrow and then relax.

Notice how your breathing increases and maybe even gets shallower.

Don’t take a deep breath because that’ll shut everything down when it’s usually best to let things move as they wish.

Otherwise, that old fear and anxiety from the past just stays in your body and keeps manifesting into negative patterns of thinking, self-sabotage and a to-do list that never seems to get any smaller.

What did I do?

I paused the rage and sat back in my chair.

Then I simply tracked it. With my eyes open (this is important!).

Not only that, but I paired the discomfort with the sensations of the chair and the environment, while letting the breath run free and noticing if any memories or thoughts popped into my head.

Of course, by letting the breath run free, more fear also ran free.

But hey, that means the fear is leaving my system. It’s coming up so it can come out 🥳

This is what we do every day inside Rageheart.

It’s about building your capacity to feel what’s going on inside you and all around you… all at the same time.

As your capacity grows, you’re no longer afraid of your feelings. You’re no longer afraid of your anger or your fear or your shame.

That means you don’t need 7 beers to relax. You don’t need to watch porn or spend money you don’t have or spin out into negative thought loops and rabbit holes. You don’t need to yell at your kids or snap at your partner. You’re good 🤘

If you struggle with uncomfortable feelings inside you, whether sensations (like pain or tension) or emotion (like fear, doubt, anger or sadness)…

Or if you don’t even know what it means to feel your sensations and emotions because you’re so stuck in your head…

Sign up to Rageheart when it opens on Thursday this week and discover the magic of feeling into everything. This is how you unleash the beast inside you.

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John Wood

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