It’s Lunch Time For Mary The Cheetah (But Baz The Hyena Has Other Ideas)

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Have you ever seen a cheetah chase down a gazelle in the wild?

It’s wild (pun intended).

It’s also a fantastic look at how humans have evolved to respond to threats… as well as why we wind up with anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and so much more.

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Bob the gazelle grazes in the African savannah.

He eats tasty grass, chases gazelle babes and generally enjoys his life as a 4-legged quadruped.

Life is good…

…except for Mary the cheetah.

Just like Bob, Mary’s hungry.

But unlike Bob, Mary eats gazelle – not grass.

And so, one fine day in the gorgeous African savannah, Bob gets the fright of his life.

Mary spots him eating his grass and chasing his babes.

Oh the legs. Bob loves him some of those long, lithe gazelle legs.

But today, the universe has other ideas.

Mary the cheetah narrows her eyes and begins to run.

To chase.

Eventually, Bob the gazelle realizes what’s happening.

He’s about to become Mary’s lunch.

So Bob runs too.


But Mary’s powerful cheetah body is faster.


And so, Mary catches Bob in her razor sharp teeth.

Wraps her teeth around his neck.


Time for lunch! YUM!

Rather than thrashing around, Bob the gazelle freezes.

He’s resigned to his fate.

It’s over for him.

Or is it?

Now comes the third character in this delightful drama:

Baz the hyena.

Baz is hungry too.

He wants Mary’s lunch – the tasty gazelle.

Fortunately for Baz, while he’s not as fast a cheetah, he’s bigger, stronger and tougher.

And that means…

Mary’s lunch is now Baz’s lunch.

He struts over to the paralyzed gazelle and stakes his claim.

Mary grumbles but walks off.

Baz is careful though.

He throws himself at Mary the cheetah to show her that this tasty gazelle is HIS now.

And then, while Baz is distracted by his dick measuring contest…

Bob the gazelle spontaneously gets up and runs away to safety.

The question is…

Does Bob the gazelle have PTSD after this?

Panic attacks?


Imposter syndrome?

Negative thoughts and a racing mind?

In other words…

Does it ruin his life – like traumatic experiences often do for humans?

Or does he simply go back to eating grass and chasing gazelle babes with those long, lithe legs he loves?

Find out in tomorrow’s daily rage 😏

Until then,

John Wood

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