Don’t chase the purge 🤮

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

It was a tragedy.

There Ellie went.

My younger sister. 

Innocent as a daisy beneath a rainbow in a field of green grass…

The scene of the crime…

…chasing the gooey monster down the street.

It was red and purple and gross… exactly what you’d imagine a pile of vomit with legs would look like.

And yeah –

Ellie chased it.

Man, that thing ran for it’s LIFE.

I’ve never seen a ball of monster goo look so terrified. Wide eyes. Legs moving a million miles a minute. Anxiously looking over its shoulder as it ran.

Luckily for the ball of goo, Ellie never caught it.

I’ve done something like this before too.

Chased the purge.

The ball of vomit and goo.

That’s what happens in ayahuasca ceremonies sometimes.

You feel sick and you want to throw up but it’s not coming on its own so you start “chasing it”.

In other words… 

You try to force it.

But ayahuasca – and Rageheart for that matter – can’t be forced.

Sure, I can give you tools and techniques for building the capacity of your nervous system (Rage 4)… I can show you how to increase ventral vagal tone and how to smoothly move out of sympathetic activation and into parasympathetic rest and digest (Rage 1, 2, 5 and 11)… 

…but at the end of the day, the actual healing can’t be forced or directly controlled.

In fact, trying to force or control the issue usually makes it worse.


Because one of the primary reasons we have a bunch of stored survival stress blocking the pipes of our nervous system is that someone tried to control it in the past.

Instead of being allowed to do it what it needed to do – laugh, cry, scream, run away, fight back, etc – it learned to shut down and hide.

It’s automatic, instinctual and most of the time, 100% necessary to keep us safe (which makes it a beautiful thing)…


This is why things get stuck in our body and nervous system.

Too much control.

Since control and “forcing things” is what created the blockages… control and “forcing things” won’t get rid of the blockages.

We need a different approach.

So –

If you want a push-button solution to your problems that you can CONTROL and FORCE, Rageheart (and ayahuasca) are probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you understand that personal healing happens on its own schedule and you’re willing to be patient with yourself (and the program), Rageheart is a good fit.

If you’re already a member and feeling the impulse (Rage 9), hit the sign in link and do another rage:


If you’re not a member, you’ll need to wait until Rageheart opens again in a month or three.

Alright – that’s it for today.

Time for BJJ! (and some choking 😏)


John Wood

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