Dinner time! (Last chance to unleash your beast in November)

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

Peru is home these days while my cat Foxy is still back in Australia…

…however I’ll always remember her dinner time madness.

I’d cram her bowl with some delicious treats (tuna, chicken or sometimes a thin sliver of butter)…

…transport the bowl to her eating mat on the ground…

…and finally, I’d whack the bowl with a spoon or fork.


That’s when I’d hear it.

That tiny little feline predator called Foxy.

Sprinting from the other side of the house.

The little bell around her neck jiggling and jangling as she ran.

All of a sudden, she’d come flying around the corner, sometimes with her back legs racing faster than her front legs (you know how cats do that, right?).

Then she would tuck in and gobble up her food.

Dinner times with Foxy.

Man I miss that beautiful cat 🐱

You also have a meal waiting for you… and I’ve been ringing that bell for the 4 DAYZZZZZZ STRAIIIIGGGHHHT 💪😎😍🤩

It’s a meal of less thinking and more feeling.

A scrumptious plate of knowing who the hell you are and making absolutely NO excuses for it (instead of tip-toeing along as who you THINK you are).

Yes, I’m talking about Rageheart – the step-by-step program where you scrub your nervous system, master your stress physiology and unleash the beast inside you.

It’s currently open to new members… but only until midnight tonight.

So –

If you want to stop that racing mind of yours…

If you want to fall asleep easily at night…

…feel more ALIVE than ever before…

…and eradicate self-sabotage, procrastination and imposter syndrome…

If you want to get out of your own way and finally start living up to your insane and infinite potential…

If you want to fire your manipulative life coaches, break up with your partner and gallivant your way from Thailand to Australia to Peru (been there, done that 😏)…

…you need to take a lesson out of Foxy’s book:

Wrap a fluffy pink collar with a tinkly bell around your neck, sprint your way over to the link below and sign up for a FREE trial before midnight tonight:


Already inside Rageheart thanks to your Foxy sprint and feeling a beastly Foxy impulse (Rage 9)?

Hit the sign in link on the page above and do another Rage today.

Every. Little. Bit. Counts.


John Wood

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