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Logan Hobson


This works 10x better than meditation for me.

It was harder than I expected, but once I got used to it… it silenced my mind like never before.

Testimonial from Maria, Doctor of Audiology


Doctor of Audiology

This new ability to reprocess energy just might be the best thing to truly let me live a peaceful life. A life I had given up hope on having.

Only by using these tools has my nervous system calmed down enough to allow functioning at a level not known for decades.

Testimonial from Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell

Elevated Consulting LTD

Rageheart has given me a few EASY tools to use throughout the day to get from a DEFCON 5 to a 4… or a 3… without having to meditate for an hour.

Gayla Eastman


I have spent 30 years trying every meditation technique out there and nothing has helped me like The Rageheart Academy has over the last five months. (not years)!!

David Ducatenzeiler

Product Manager

What more can there be said other than it works!?! It’s absolutely brilliant that many of the techniques and practices are designed to work with your eyes wide open when you are in the trenches dealing with the stress and anxieties of modern life.

Who knew that by focusing on your body and sensation it would help me get out of my head and process accumulated tension in my body? It’s so simple and obvious, yet genius! Now I understand what people mean when they say BE YOURSELF!

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