Whac-A-Mole with your mind

Back before I stumbled onto the nervous system approach to healing, I remember playing Whac-A-Mole with my mind 😤 I repeatedly attempted to force new thoughts into my head. If I had a thought pop up that said “I can’t do this”, I’d replace it with a thought that says “I can do this” 🙌 “I’m not … Continue reading

Are you mental?

School is about thinking, writing, books and exams 👩‍🏫 We’re taught to give the “right” answer according to a teacher or a book… not to feel for the right answer. Where is the class on trusting your gut instincts? On emotional intelligence? On how to regulate your fight-or-flight response? Maths Science Geography Sociology English Spanish French History … Continue reading

Your racing mind is NOT the problem

It’s a symptom of a deeper issue. What issue? Nervous system dysregulation. What’s that? A nervous system that’s all outta whack. Why’s it out of whack? Stress from years and decades gone by. Emotions that weren’t expressed. Sensations that weren’t felt. Memories that weren’t acknowledged. It’s all the times you wanted to run away but … Continue reading