“Moan Like A Banshee” Orgasms

I recorded a podcast interview this week with one of the founders of the Institute of Somatic Sexology. Turns out, some very smart people figured out how to apply the nervous system tools of getting into the body to sex. And why the hell not, right? Who doesn’t want better sex? More pleasure? Toe-curling, mind-numbing, banshee-moaning orgasms? 😍 … Continue reading

Having Sex vs Giving Birth

Having sex is (usually) fun 🍆🍑 …while giving birth is messy, painful and uncomfortable (even if you eventually wind up telling people that it’s “the best thing that ever happened to you”). Most (all?) things are like this. For example, take Spanish. Signing up to a Spanish course or getting a lesson or watching a … Continue reading

wanna bang?

I was on the phone to my buddy Rob this morning while walking through the corn fields here in Peru. (The corn’s about 3 feet high and it’s EVERYWHERE… so it’s green fields in every direction until you hit the mountains. Pretty damn gorgeous!) It was one of Rob and I’s usual chats. Fast-paced. Lots … Continue reading

Sex Rooms, Butt Plugs And Rageheart

I’ve recently been watching How To Build A Sex Room on Netflix. It’s a solid show. It has it’s ups and downs (😚) but it’s funny, heart-warming and altogether brilliant. In the show, interior designer Melanie Rose designs sex rooms (aka. “erotic renovations”) for couples. During her consultation with each couple, she always brings a … Continue reading