You don’t have to “feel it to heal it”

In this wonderful world of feeling feelings, it’s easy to take things to the extreme. I remember when I first stumbled across the nervous system approach to healing. 3 weeks in, I flew from Thailand to Australia on Singapore Air and on the way, something sparked up in my stomach 😬 Fear… doubt… anxiety… Call … Continue reading

How to stop picking your skin (or biting your nails)

I never got into the habit of biting my nails… but I did get into the habit of picking the skin on my fingers until they bled 😩 Sometimes it was calluses from the gym. Other times it was those little strips of skin that sometimes hang off the side of the nail or finger. … Continue reading

My head on your nuts

24 hours ago, this was my view… I’d hiked up to this lookout with Adyashatmypants and a few friends, 2 dogs and 5 bags of definitely not dry rice cakes (caaaaaaaaaarbs 🤤). We started at 830am, took a taxi to the start of the trail and by 1130, we’d arrived at the spot where I took that … Continue reading