How To Debunk The Healy Device

So there’s this new device doing the rounds here in Psychedelic Wonderland (aka. The Sacred Valley, Peru). It claims to offer healing via “frequencies” (whatever that means 🤷‍♂️). There is absolutely ZERO legitimate scientific support behind it… …and while the founder claims to be a physicist, he doesn’t have a physics degree and he hasn’t … Continue reading

Navy SEALS and UFC Champions Use A Nervous System Approach

Navy Seals and UFC Fighters use the science of the nervous system to perform and recover better.

I started one of Joel Jamieson’s courses on the weekend. He’s a best-selling author and one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength, conditioning, and energy systems. His training strategies have been used by thousands of elite performers and top athletes worldwide, including the Navy SEALS, UFC champions, and dozens of teams from the NFL, NBA, MLS, … Continue reading

Help! I Don’t Know How To Breathe 😮‍💨

Help! I Don't Know How to Breathe

My new breathing trainer arrived this week. Yes. Yes, it’s true. I don’t know how to breathe… so I bought a breathing trainer 🤷‍♂️ Is that crazy or what? Each morning, I stick this thing in my mouth and suck 😏 I suck air through it 30x (for 30 breaths). I do it again in … Continue reading

Everything Is Everything

Spanish is jiu jitsu is ballet is gardening is knitting is building houses is programming is writing is hiking is snowboarding is cooking is overcoming anxiety and depression is nervous system work is tantric sex and full body orgasms that shake the walls of the house and make your neighbours call the cops. The point … Continue reading

The Rage Contagion

The more dysregulated we are in our nervous systems, the more we operate from a place of fear, anger, shame and self-doubt 😱 The more we operate from a place of fear, anger, shame and self-doubt, the more we behave in ways that cause others to operate from a place of fear, anger, shame and … Continue reading


I’d just opened the bathroom door this morning when it smacked me in the face like rabid boulder rolling down a mountain. The nutty aroma of fresh shit 💩 I looked down. Nothing. I looked in the shower. Nothing. Then I looked under the sink. Of course. There it was 🤦‍♂️ One freshly laid shit, … Continue reading

I Got 1 Problem And 99 Ain’t One

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What if you don’t have 99 problems but only 1 problem? 🤔 For example, if you sleep 2 hours a night, you’ll experience a range of symptoms: And more. Now… You COULD drink coffee to increase alertness and concentration, read books about critical thinking to improve … Continue reading

You can’t escape your _____

Whether you call it your past, your trauma, your unresolved survival responses, your history, your story, your memories, “what happened to you” or YOUR BUCKETLOAD OF CABBAGE (oh shit, I mean “baggage”) 🥬 … …you can’t escape it 😢 You either deal with directly (by discharging and resolving all the unresolved survival responses – using … Continue reading

You can’t make yourself relax…

…just like you can’t make yourself stop thinking. All you can do is create the space for your nervous system to relax for you 🤔 Think about it this way. There are 2 main branches in the Autonomic Nervous System: 1. The Sympathetic Nervous System, which is responsible for not just fight-or-flight but also for … Continue reading

One problem to rule them all

I’m a big fan of simplicity (and The Lord of the Rings 💍). I remember a few years ago, I discovered a couple of guys who talked about a pyramid in relationship to losing weight, lifting weights and bulking up. They called it the “The Pyramid of Nutrition Priorities” and I LOVED how simple it … Continue reading