Who Are You?

Who are you?

Are you a mind with a body? Or are you something else? Is it even accurate to think of yourself as a mind with a body? 🤔 Is the body simply a vehicle and “you” (as the mind) are the driver? Back before I stumbled blindly into the world of nervous system healing, the above … Continue reading

When You Can See One Thing Clearly…

…you can see all things clearly. – Miyamoto Musashi, believed by many to be the greatest samurai who ever lived My teacher and friend Felix said this to me in a Ayahuasca ceremony recently but the depth of it didn’t hit me until these last few days. On the weekend, I picked up a book of short … Continue reading

You can’t think your way to calm

I’m editing this week’s podcast episode with psychedelic embodiment coach Kat Courtney (from The Plant Medicine People) and she said something fascinating: “We can’t think our way to a calmer nervous system.” That is… Going from fight-or-flight mode (where most people live) to rest-and-digest mode (the promised land) isn’t about thinking 🤨 Sure, thinking helps you … Continue reading

How to actually relax

Before I discovered the world of nervous system healing, I thought I knew what it meant to relax. I’d watch Netflix or get some Pad Thai or go for a walk and sure, it was relaxing… but I don’t think I realised that this was “relaxation by distraction”. In other words, I didn’t truly relax … Continue reading

my dirty little secret

I’d like to tell you a dirty little secret about my life today. You wanna know what it is? I never open my eyes. That’s right. I live my life with my eyes shut. I cook my breakfast with my eyes shut. I write these emails with my eyes shut. Hell, I even go to … Continue reading

How to stop your mind in its tracks

Oh mind. How you like to think and fret and worry.  How you love to plan and dream and imagine. And oh how you love to be the focus of my attention.  But here’s the thing: It’s time for us to break up. See, I finally know that I am not IN you. You are … Continue reading

Your life purpose is to be a tomato (no, really)

You know what I’m talking about. Round, red and juicy tomatoes 🍅 Tomatoes that drive your tastebuds wild. Tomatoes that melt your face off and give you toe-curling orgasms (yes, it’s a thing). And you know what? I can think of no higher calling than to be a round, red, JUICY tomato. I mean, think … Continue reading

Sector C of The Milky Way

I’m writing to you from that great lump of mostly-water-covered-rock that’s currently floating in Sector C of The Milky Way. Actually, I have no idea if our humble planet is currently in Sector C. In fact, I have no idea if “Sector C” even exists because I literally just made it up. It’s one of … Continue reading

Sunshine, rainbows and dog sh!t

Getting into your body (via the techniques and tools inside Rageheart) isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Now that I’m more connected to my body – connected to sensation – it’s harder to ignore its messages. For example, it’s harder to eat foods that aren’t good for me. I feel like a pile of dog sh!t … Continue reading