This Is Your Weekly Reminder To Beast

This is your weekly reminder to BEAST - from a tiger

Do you know why I like to say “unleash the beast” when it comes to Rageheart and working with the nervous system? Because the tools and techniques are simply ways to activate your natural animal instincts (ie. your “beastly” instincts) for regulating your nervous system and being healthy and happy. Have you ever seen an animal meditate? … Continue reading

Hunted By Poached Eggs 🍳

When an Arabian gazelle escapes from a cheetah, does it make a list of what it’s grateful for? When a Peruvian climbing mouse escapes from Zeus or Storm (one of our cats), does it whip out its $49 Moleskine journal to process the experience? When a Siberian tiger escapes from a hunter, does it sit down … Continue reading

Unleash your pussy

Zeus and Storm continue to amaze me. Just last night, I was sitting outside on the veranda while watching the sunset when along comes Zeus (or was it Storm?), gliding through the grass without a sound despite the fact that it was basically dark. No rustling the grass. No stepping on twigs or leaves to alert their … Continue reading

Gazelle Babes With Long, Lithe Legs Are The Best

Yesterday, I told a story about Bob the gazelle. He gets chased (and captured!) by Mary the cheetah and almost becomes her lunch. But then… Baz the hungry hyena appears. Baz wants Mary’s lunch and he’s going to do whatever he can to get it. Luckily for Bob the gazelle, when Baz appears, Mary has … Continue reading