You are a plant

On my recent psychedelic plant medicine dieta, my maestro/teacher Felix said something interesting. He told us to spend our day observing nature and see what we can learn 🌄 The sky, mountains and wind. The plants, flowers and trees. The birds and the bees. According to Felix, this is where the Shipibo people derive a lot … Continue reading

Be here now or buy that butt plug?

It’s simple advice. Just be here now. Don’t think. Don’t imagine anything. Just be here now. And yet… It’s incredibly difficult, is it not? Look at how most people live. It’s ALL about distractions. It’s as if the entire world is designed simply to distract us from what’s happening right now. Thinking is simply the … Continue reading

How to not rage-quit your job

A couple days ago, I received the following email from beastly rager Sonam. It’s about an intensely triggering experience he had at work that led to him almost rage-quitting his job… and how he handled it (quite beautifully). Here’s Sonam: The week before last I was moving steadily through my rages at my own pace. Practicing feeling awareness throughout … Continue reading