Gazelle Babes With Long, Lithe Legs Are The Best

Yesterday, I told a story about Bob the gazelle. He gets chased (and captured!) by Mary the cheetah and almost becomes her lunch. But then… Baz the hungry hyena appears. Baz wants Mary’s lunch and he’s going to do whatever he can to get it. Luckily for Bob the gazelle, when Baz appears, Mary has … Continue reading

All Blocked Up? Here’s What NOT To Do About It

Here in Peru, at least in our house, we have a metal strainer over the kitchen sink. The idea is… Stop food from going down the drain to prevent blocked pipes. Most of the time, it works. We wash the dishes, soapy water goes down the drain and food gets caught in the strainer. But … Continue reading

Oh Shit! You Just Woke The Beast 😱

*Cue scary music* RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!@#@!#!!!!! Actually, wait – Oh… The beast isn’t awake. Not yet anyway. The beast is just restless. Tossing and turning in their sleep. They might wake up… and to be honest, it would be great if they did. For you, me AND humanity. BUT… It’s far from guaranteed. That’s where Rageheart comes … Continue reading

On Safety: The Body vs The Mind

When we’ve been hurt by someone or something, there’s a tendency to feel unsafe afterwards. We got into trouble and we’re afraid it’ll happen again. As a result, we become hyper-vigilant. We think we have to be on-guard all the time… otherwise, something terrible might happen. Instead of trusting our body’s innate wisdom and sense … Continue reading