Yes, inflatable butt plugs are actually a thing

BUT… They’re not what you think. Someone emailed me over the weekend about my inflatable butt plugs email. They loved it of course 😎 They also loved the fact that I talked about them like I was talking about oranges, toast or the weather – and to that I say, WHY THE HELL NOT? Why … Continue reading

Dinner time! (Last chance to unleash your beast in November)

Peru is home these days while my cat Foxy is still back in Australia… …however I’ll always remember her dinner time madness. I’d cram her bowl with some delicious treats (tuna, chicken or sometimes a thin sliver of butter)… …transport the bowl to her eating mat on the ground… …and finally, I’d whack the bowl … Continue reading

Anxiety, depression and tigers who are CHILL AF

Did you know that animals in the wild rarely get PTSD? Tigers. Lions. Hyenas and gazelles. Chipmunks, monkeys and rats. Incredible, right? But put them into captivity and they start exhibiting symptoms of PTSD – just like the average human being in the modern world. Anxiety. Depression. Inability to relax. Digestive problems. Social media addictions. … Continue reading

Don’t take psychedelics until you read this email

Tears streamed down my face that day 😭 I was on a farm in the Southern Highlands, 3 hours from Sydney, after breaking up with my girlfriend of 4 years the day before. Rolling green hills in every direction. Pristine blue skies. Curious sheep, mooing cows and at least a few killer brown snakes that’ll … Continue reading

Change your flesh sack to change your computer

Way back before I discovered the nervous system approach to unleashing the beast, I did what everyone else does: I did everything I could to control my computer (aka. my mind). I remember meditating beside the lake at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. I’d close my eyes and do my best to focus on my … Continue reading

Safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆

I was in Cusco recently for a Tinder date and it got me thinking… Dating is ALL about safety, kisses and inflatable butt plugs 🍆 With kisses, it’s obvious. Whether we like a little tongue or not, we all want to kiss and be kissed. Then there’s inflatable butt plugs. Admittedly, they’re not everyone’s cup … Continue reading

The REAL reason you can’t stop thinking

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Thailand at the time. Chiang Mai to be exact (aka. Northern Thailand… the foothills of the Himalayas). Luscious jungles, refreshing waterfalls and motorbikes that I drove wayyyyyy too fast through the mountains 😬 Like every human being ever, I was trying to make my life … Continue reading

Warning: Unleashing the beast may cause severe side effects

Before you read another Daily Rage, please read this important medical disclaimer. As you know, Rageheart is designed to unleash the beast inside you. While this may sound like a lovely thing… it’s not without danger, challenge or randos thinking you’re either crazy or a total asshole. Side effects include: ⚠️ You may lose interest … Continue reading

Adyashatmypants strikes again (Teabag Chopra is IN DA HOUSE)

Last Saturday, I drank San Pedro with my sister Adyashatmypants (aka. “Ellie”, a much less spiritual name) and a bunch of other crazy cats. It was a good day. Blue sky, gorgeous mountains and lukewarm San Pedro. Ok… The warm part wasn’t great – basically lukewarm cactus soup without the thorns – but hey, sometimes medicine is bitter 🤷‍♂️ … Continue reading