Anxiety = stored survival stress

John Wood, Founder of Rageheart

by John Wood

It’s like you’re in a constant fog.

You can hear fine…

…but you have trouble listening.

You know what to say…

…but you can’t quite say it.

It’s not fear that’s holding you back…

…but rather that your body (and everything in it) is just frozen.

Maybe it feels like you’re having one of those dreams where you can’t completely open your eyes.

Your brain creates problems that don’t exist, putting a negative spin to every possible action, reaction and thought.

You’re always thinking or expecting that you messed up, that everyone is annoyed or upset with you, or that the worst will happen… even when you know it probably won’t.

Welcome to the gut-wrenching world of anxiety 😬

It would be better if it was only a mental thing… but somehow it works its way into the physical.

You get stomach indigestion.

You’re always tired due to an overactive mind.

Your back and shoulders feel tense due to always being on edge and in panic mode.

Your appetite fluctuates.

You might even get headaches too.

So you try a few things to fix it:

🤓 Therapy

🧘‍♂️ Meditation

📖 Self-help books and courses

📝 Gratitude lists

😆 Affirmations

💊 Pharmaceuticals

👩‍🦰 Life coaching

Problem is…

It doesn’t work.

Not completely.

Sure, it gives you some relief and maybe helps you cope a little better… kind of like a painkiller for a toothache.

But you can’t help but think it’s not getting to the root problem.

That begs the question:

What even IS the root problem when it comes to anxiety? 🤔

Is it in the mind like most people believe?

Is it really a question of “mental health”?

Maybe the cheeky ‘lil neurotransmitters aren’t living up to their job description?

Or is there something else at play?

Maybe it’s more than simply a “mental thing”?

Maybe it’s not simply about your thoughts?

By far, the most helpful way to think about anxiety that I’ve found is that it’s simply stored survival stress (aka. unresolved flight responses).
That is…

All the times you wanted to run away from someone or something in your life but didn’t or couldn’t (such as when you were a kid).

All the energy (fear) from all those times?

Since you couldn’t discharge it at the time, it’s now “frozen” into your body (hey, the body had to do something with the energy to stop it from “frying the system”).

That’s why your nervous system still thinks it’s unsafe.

It’s literally stuck in “survival mode”, the mode that’s intended to help us deal with threats in our immediate environment (but NOT intended to stay ON all the time).

This is why your mind keeps spinning stories about the worst case scenario.

It’s why you feel “frozen” (you’re literally stuck in the freeze portion of the nervous system).

And it’s why most things don’t actually fix the problem. Because they don’t deal specifically with stored survival stress – they just help you manage the symptoms (like a painkiller).

The question is…

How the hell do you deal with stored survival stress?

As you know, meditation and all the other “self-help bandaids” don’t actually address stored survival stress. Like I said, they mostly just help people manage symptoms, much like a painkiller for a headache.

That’s where Rageheart comes in.

It’s a crash course in how to work directly with your nervous system to purge stored survival stress from your system.

This means deactivating the freeze function and then facing and feeling the fear that starts coming up for release (as well as all the other unfelt and unexpressed emotions within).

That’s why I tell people that that Rageheart is absolutely NOT for the faint of heart. ‘Cause you gotta feel things that you’d rather not feel.

It’s also not a quick fix.

You can learn the techniques relatively quickly… but it generally takes years to work through all the “stuff” that’s wreaking havoc inside you.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no improvement along the way. In fact, you’ll probably notice some of your symptoms improving more or less immediately.


If you’re sick of quick fixes that don’t actually work and you’re ready to dive into a REAL FIX for anxiety – even if it means facing and feeling the fear within – sign up to Rageheart while it’s open to new members (9 spots left):


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John Wood

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